Air Chin Z impresses in Madrid

May 6, 2014, 9:42 p.m. – back to all news

The first weekend in May, Kathi competed at the five star Longines Global Champions Tour in Madrid with Air Chin Z and B Once Z. The two mares did a super job during the weekend, and Air Chin Z took a huge step up when she made her Grand Prix debut on Sunday. Air Chin Z opened up with being clear and placed in the 1.50 class on Friday – her first ever – giving B Once Z some time to breath in the 1.45 class where she had a single time penalty.

On Saturday Air Chin Z jumped the 1.45 class clear, while B Once Z did the Longines Global Champions Tour Grand Prix. It was a great round from Bibi – but she ran out of petrol towards the very end and had the final combination down as her legs got a little tired around the very demanding thirteen fence track. Kathi was nevertheless very happy with her as she shows so much carefulness and scope.

On Sunday Air Chin Z was thrown in at the deep end as she had to jump the Copa Del Rey. It was a huge 1.55 track that waited for her and Kathi, but that did not face them. Air Chin jumped fantastic, and had only the plank down to end up 14th – very close to making it to the second round. Needless to say Kathi was thrilled with the way Air Chin performed this weekend!

A selection of the rounds in Madrid can be watched on the Katharina Offel Sporthorses’ You Tube account.