Bronze medal for Hearst and Kathi at the 2021 German Championship for Ladies

June 5, 2021, 6:15 p.m. – back to all news

Hearst and Kathi delivered three fantastic rounds at the 2021 German Championship for Ladies in Balve.

In Thursday's opening round, Hearst and Kathi picked up one time penalty – which put them in 9th position ahead of the final. 

Friday's two final rounds were big and technical – a real challenge for Hearst, who at the age of nine did his first championship in Balve. However, Hearst yet again showed his quality and under Kathi's guidance he delivered two beautiful clear rounds – one of only four double clears in the final.

Finishing on one time penalty as their overall score, Hearst and Kathi ended with the bronze medal – very close behind silver medalist Katrin Eckermann who also only had a time fault over the three rounds of competition, and gold medalist Sophie Hinners who was the only rider to finish on a score of zero.