Cleveland gets his retirement

June 25, 2014, 2:21 p.m. – back to all news

Cleveland – formerly known as Eurocommerce Cleveland (or QL) – finally gets the retirement that Kathi and her show groom Bo have been trying to give him for the past two months. Bo used to be Cleveland’s groom when she worked at Eurocommerce, and due to health issues Bo and Kathi tried to save Cleveland from being sold to somebody that wanted to continue his sport career when he went online to be auctioned off together with the other former Eurocommerce-horses earlier this spring.

Unfortunately, the price got too high in the end – with Bo and Kathi having to let Cleveland go to another bidder. The two did not give up though, and yesterday – with economic help from some of Kathi’s horse owners – Cleveland ended up in Bo and Kathi’s ownership.

After a long and successful career Cleveland will now get the retirement he deserves, and will spend his days in the field.

Kathi and Bo would both like to thank those who helped making it possible to give Cleveland his retirement!