Direction Sunshine Tour

Feb. 1, 2017, 8:31 a.m. – back to all news

This weekend, the whole team will be heading for the Sunshine Tour in Spain. 

Amarit D'Amour, Balou Z, Casper J&J Z, Chapeau, Con Air Z, Fenneh, Gerton, Gitaine, Piochin, Pioville, Qitana VDV, Quebracho Semilly, Sandro Girl, Sky Fly SB, Thelma La Tour Vidal and Z Canturana will all join Kathi and Joanne in Spain. In addition, Joanne brings her two horses Contendro Star and Mill River. 

Carmen will bring Air Chin Z, Brooklynn, Costa Date, Fifthy-Fifthy, Gaucho and Jennifer while Elizabeth is taking Liberace and Jamira.

The team will be meeting up with Silvia and Louis from Villa Silvia in Italy, who bring eight horses in total to Vejer. 

Kathi's Facebook and Instagram accounts will be updated daily from the Sunshine Tour, so make sure to follow.