Vita 24 sold to the States

Feb. 16, 2016, 10:29 p.m. – back to all news

Yet another of Kathi’s best horses has been sold to the US; this time it is Vita 24 that has left the stables. 

Vita came to Kathi from Gert-Jan Bruggink in August last year, and the two quickly formed a bond. After jumping just a few Grand Prix competitions together, a lot of interest was created for the mare and finally she was sold to Two Swans Farm with USA's Todd Minikus as her new rider. 

“Vita is a horse with a lot of quality and has everything needed to jump the biggest classes. I would of course have wished to keep her for a bit longer as she developed so well, but she came to me to sell - it just went a bit faster than I expected. I wish Todd the best of luck with her, and hope to see him and Vita very successful together. I would also like to thank Gert-Jan for giving me the chance to ride her, it was a lot of fun,” Kathi says.

Last year, Kathi’s top horses B Once Z and Charlie were also sold to the US. 

Photo (c) CJW Photography