Welcome home Air Chin!

Jan. 31, 2017, 8:27 p.m. – back to all news

Nearly one-and-a-half year after leaving, Air Chin Z returned home to our stables on Friday. It was an emotional reunion for Air Chin’s two former riders Carmen and Kathi, who both have had a special relationship with this wonderful mare.  

Once again it will be Carmen that takes the reins on Air Chin, and the two will jump their first classes at the Sunshine Tour.

As a young horse, Air Chin was ridden and produced by Carmen. After being sold to Alexander Onischenko, Air Chin came to Kathi at the end of her 8th year. Together, they had two wonderful years with many good results before Air Chin left in the autumn 2016.

Air Chin was a special member on Kathi’s team of horses. Not only is she a horse with an exceptionally big heart, but she is also the mother of Balou Z and Con Air Z that both today compete internationally with Kathi – after starting their careers with Carmen. 

To be able to give Air Chin a home for life took a little while, but it was well worth the wait.

A big thanks to Carmen’s family for giving our story with Air Chin such a happy ending!

Air Chin did not travel alone. On the truck was also Kathi's former top horse Quebracho Semilly, that will join Kathi in Spain for the Sunshine Tour.