CWD Sellier produces French custom made saddles, focusing on technological improvements. CWD is the choice of many of the world's best riders, and Kathi’s favourite saddle is the CWD 2G! CWD offers outstanding quality products and top customer service.

Freejumpsystem is today a benchmark in terms of innovation and high-tech products designed for the performance, comfort and safety of both riders and horses. Since 2001, thanks to its close and lasting collaboration with the world’s best riders, Freejumpsystem has constantly improved the competitiveness of its products. This has resulted in a new Freejump collection designed to meet the requirements of amateur and professional riders alike.

Freejump and Oscar & Gabrielle, two companies based out of Bordeaux, share their common values of comfort, safety and performance, their know-how and experiences.

Freejump and Oscar & Gabrielle benefit from each other’s strong taste for innovation to make further progress on the development of an Airbag that is more discreet and meets the most demanding safety standards. Together, they rely on the natural elegance of Oscar & Gabrielle products to become the major player that the market needs to address the safety issues posed by horse riding.

Ogilvy Equestrian Inc. specializes in the design, production and marketing of quality equestrian accessories. The company was created to integrate traditional ideas with avant-garde textiles and the beauty of design to create products that exceed what today’s riders demand. Kathi is a big fan of Ogilvy Equestrian’s beautiful pads and saddle pads – customised especially for her.

Inspired by premium motorcycle helmets technology, Samshield helmets are made of the most performant materials in order to offer to exigeant riders a real advance in terms of protection and comfort. For Kathi the latter is of extreme importance as she always wears a helmet.

Horse First Supplements


Horse First was founded in 2008 by Paddy Hughes, a well-known and respected horse producer in the showjumping and eventing spheres, who has sent horses all over the world. Having tried and tested a huge variety of equine dietary supplements during his thirty years in the horse business Paddy felt that the products that were available were disappointing and left a lot to be desired. With Paddy's equestrian knowledge and the expertise of the best chemist and equine-related nutritionist that he could find, Horse First was formed.

Paddy's aim has always been the same since day one: to use only the highest quality ingredients available and to offer the horse owner a range of products with the highest levels of active-ingredient inclusion of any supplement on the market. The Horse First brand is known as the supplement range that works. "Made by Horse People for Horse people"

St Hippolyt makes top quality horse feed, and is Kathi’s only choice when it comes to feeding her horses. St Hippolyt offers solutions and information in regards to the proper, healthy feeding of horses. The result of feeding St Hippolyt is second-to-none; the supply with organic micro-nutrients and natural minerals leads to an increased resistance against infections and problems of the respiratory and digestive system. A shiny coat and healthy hooves are simply the results of well-being and a proper nutrition.